Meet Our Talented Team

Inspired by collaboration.
Guided by the Golden Rule.

No matter the sector (but especially in a service-based industry such as ours), you can tell almost everything you need to know about a business by its people. How do they treat customers? How engaged are they? How passionate? How trustworthy? Do they believe in what they are doing? Are they well equipped?

We owe the very existence of our firm to people: the team members that for more than 80 years have called Cushing Terrell home, and the clients they support. We believe in recruiting people to work alongside — both those we pay and those who pay us — that share common values and passions. As you scroll down this page, see if this looks like a team you would want to work with.

We’re incredibly proud of our team and the work they complete. However, if you have input on how we can fulfill our vision of forever improving our firm to last another 80 years and beyond, we’d love to hear it!

Forever Values

Be kind.

Founded on the Golden Rule, we emphasize integrity, compassion, and understanding.


Unique clients inspire unique projects — we’re here to listen and learn.

Think responsibly.

What’s good for the Earth is good for our clients.

Work together.

Diversity + collaboration = creative solutions.

Share success.

We seek partnerships in which the client, the community, the planet, and Cushing Terrell all win.

Have fun.

We take our work, but not ourselves, seriously.

Straight From the Team

Members of Team Cushing Terrell weigh in with their own words. For deeper dives into team member stories, check out our “Spotlight” profiles on the Blog.

As designers, we’re always seeking out fresh perspectives — new ways of viewing the world and our place in it.

Rebecca Muchow, Architect | Minneapolis

Cushing Terrell has given me tools and surrounded me with people allowing and encouraging me to progress from new design professional to project architect with the confidence and skills to take on that role.

Kyle Johnson, Architect | Denver

Being able to collaborate with multiple disciplines under one roof is incredibly beneficial to our projects.

Rei Karasawa, Design Professional | Seattle

Culture Matters

Cushing Terrell is a place of collaboration and camaraderie. We believe in working shoulder-to-shoulder with each other and our clients to find the best solutions.

Our Culture Ambassadors, comprised of team members from around the firm, lead a program designed to welcome newcomers, celebrate important news, and keep the workday lively. They strive to remind us that having fun is one of our core values.

We have a robust mentorship program that encourages and supports team members learning — from one another; from experts inside and outside the firm; and from ownership, HR, Marketing, and other support functions.

In short, we care deeply about where we work, the projects we work on, and the people we work with.

Major Firm Milestones

We ♥ Our Planet

Recognizing the impact development has on our ecosystems, Cushing Terrell is compelled to be a responsible steward of the environment, reducing our own footprint and that of our clients. Our commitment to sustainable operations is reinforced through:
  • A firm-wide Sustainable Design Initiative
  • Purchase of renewable energy credits
  • Establishment of a Green Advocacy Council
  • Sustainable Operations Policy Champions
  • Signing and advancing AIA’s 2030 Challenge

Meet the Board

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The Team in Action

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