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University of Montana Washington-Grizzly Champions Center

Cushing Terrell provided full design services for the new University of Montana Washington-Grizzly Champions Center, which is a synthesis of education and athletic-related activity groups adjacent to the Washington-Grizzly Stadium. Focused on providing space for both present and future needs, this 52,000 sq. ft. facility combines a weight room, nutrition station, sprint track, and cardiovascular training with a group of classrooms intended to serve both athletics and the university’s general student population.

A large team room anchors the main level with access to the Adams Center arena, the main plaza, and Washington-Grizzly Stadium concourse. The building, which has been certified LEED Silver, was designed with a unique shape and multiple levels to align with the sloped outdoor stadium concourse.

Energy modeling for this project focused on large amounts of fresh air and domestic hot water demands in the building as well as large variations in occupants based on stadium use and the athletic program schedules. Additionally, this project had access to a campus steam system and shallow water table for groundwater cooling systems, which the team could incorporate; the challenge was designing how to tie it all together, effectively and efficiently.

The main HVAC system for the building is an energy recovery ventilator providing ventilation for the entire building and is the source of conditioned supply air for the locker room and the small meeting rooms. The ERV has a supply fan, an exhaust fan, and an enthalpy wheel to transfer latent and sensible energy from the exhaust air stream to the supply air stream. Each fan has variable speed drives to modulate air flows to maintain proper ventilation, locker room space conditioning, and space pressurization.

Each football locker is individually exhausted and the locker room is conditioned with 100% outside air to maintain good air quality. Small, variable-volume air handling units condition the large team meeting room and main weight room. Four pipe fan coils provide supplemental heating and cooling of a handful of smaller areas.

A supply well pumps groundwater through a heat exchanger and back into the ground. This heat exchanger cools the chilled water loop, while heated water is produced by a heat exchanger utilizing campus steam to generate 140°F water temperatures. The groundwater pump, the chilled water pumps, and the heating water pumps utilize variable speed drives.

Missoula, MT

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