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MacKenzie River Pizza

The MacKenzie River Las Vegas location serves more than just the traditional restaurant/bar purposes: it functions as a catering facility for Golden Knights team meals as well as a concession stand during live games.

In order to accommodate all uses, security grilles were integrated into the design of the soffits and floor plan to make the main dining area and bar flexible, allowing for sports bar/full restaurant transitions that can be closed off when not in use. The kitchen, order counter, and secondary dining area were designed to operate independently when in either catering or concession stand mode.

The usual, rustic aesthetic of most MacKenzie River locations had to be reconsidered. Using existing design standards, adjustments were made to appropriately fit the space and its patrons including a more industrial feel and an added flair of team spirit. The result is an inviting, spirited gathering place that has become a favorite for fans and families, even making headlines in the sports world.

Summerlin, NV

Interior Design