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Coated Nail Salon

Austin’s first clean-air nail salon, Coated is located in the Lamar Union center at the south edge of downtown Austin, Texas. The salon offers an array of services including manicures and pedicures in gel, powder, and acrylic finishes. Defined by its custom ventilation system, plush furniture, online booking capabilities, walk-in flexibility, and complimentary hand and foot massages, the space was designed to support a casual yet elevated salon experience.

The vision for Coated’s new retail environment was a modern aesthetic within a healthy and hygienic environment that keeps the comfort and safety of patrons at the forefront of the salon experience. The Coated difference is the attention paid to the full experience: an atmosphere that encourages comfort and well being (services start and end in a comfortable armchair, akin to a living room lounge chair, in a space ventilated with state-of-the-art HVAC innovation). Coated stands for worry-free wellness and believe they are able to communicate this crucial value element through their new salon design.

Austin, TX

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