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Bozeman Gallatin High School

Cushing Terrell was instrumental in developing a strategic solution and community outreach program that resulted in a passed bond for Bozeman School District (BSD). As a close partner of BSD, and through constant and effective engagement with the community, our team has provided programming, educational specifications, and design for a new 300,000 sq. ft. high school facility and campus.

Cushing Terrell also led the site design, cost estimating, and construction documents of the nearly 100-acre site that contains seven athletic fields, trail system, and large parking lots, as well as competition track, softball field, and tennis courts.

The high school is designed to meet CHPS (collaborative for high performing schools) design standards. As a result, the entire site’s irrigation system is being designed to extremely high water efficiency standards utilizing multiple water sources that can keep the grounds healthy even when ground water sources become stressed or drought restrictions are put in place. The site is currently under construction and bid with .5% under Cushing Terrell cost estimate.

Construction photos courtesy of Langlas & Associates.

Bozeman, MT