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Accruent Headquarters

Accruent is a technology company offering facility and real estate management solutions for best-in-class operational and financial performance. Cushing Terrell worked closely with Accruent’s employee feedback committee to design their new headquarters in a second-generation commercial office space located in Austin’s dynamic Domain district.

The office building, which is nearly a quarter-mile from end to end, contains approximately 80% open plan seating; numerous meeting, conferencing and training rooms; a gymnasium and wellness center; network-on-chip (NoC); IT labs; IDF rooms; and a multi-purpose café area.

To address the scale of the huge single-floor plate, the space was divided into four “time zones” (Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern), each with unique color combinations to help with wayfinding. One main carpet was used throughout each zone, with pops of color helping identify the time zones and meeting areas.

Additional design challenges included an aging building with unique existing conditions and a lack of natural light to the deeper spaces. The design solutions resulted in a lively balance of flexible, open workspaces and comfortable, collaborative areas that promote innovation and wellness.

Austin, TX

Interior Design
Structural Engineering