Residential, mixed-use, and hospitality environments should enhance the lives of those who use them by responding to and merging with their locale, incorporating a vernacular palette of materials, and respecting resources. Design begins with understanding how to engage and enlighten user groups, and is supported by a streamlined, multi-disciplinary approach.

Our client roster includes:

Flix Brewhouse
Hotel Theodore
Matador Restaurant
Rider Restaurant
Whole Foods Market

And so many more!


Erik Chudy


“Spanning markets and cities, my background includes 15 years working on resorts, casinos and entertainment venues, as well as establishing my own firm focused on commercial and residential design. This diverse experience has contributed to my ability to develop unique, flexible and responsive solutions that reflect the vision of each client.”


Jesse Vigil


“My specialization is in executive private residences, restaurants, hospitality, and resort communities. While these project types may seem unrelated, the variety of work and clients has helped me cultivate a unique approach to each project. I enjoy diving in and really learning about how people uniquely experience a space.”

The Science of Socialization

We study spaces and how end-users utilize them. The goal: designing environments that provide a unique experience, create the ideal blend of interaction and privacy, and overall foster a one-of-a-kind sense of place.

Living Large

No matter the budget, residences should speak to the personality of their owners, and flawlessly adapt to all intended uses. Meanwhile, like all architecture, a place should feel like it belongs and is in harmony with its surroundings.

Dining & Drinks

An elevated dining or drinking experience can hinge on many factors beyond the core offering: ambiance, decor, noise mitigation, furniture selection, flow, and more. You select the food and drink; we’ll bring the heat through design.

The CTA Difference

Established in 1938 on the promise of a collaborative design approach, CTA Architects Engineers was an early adopter of integrated architectural and engineering services. We believe innovation thrives on working shoulder-to-shoulder toward elegant, efficient design solutions. We place the highest value on the success of our clients, and let client care lead our work from start to forever.

We are a multidisciplinary firm comprised of a near-even split of architects/designers and engineers. In addition to land planning, landscape architecture, and interior design services, we offer all imaginable forms of engineering for a quality built environment: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, lighting, audiovisual, and more.

In short, no matter the location or specialization needed, CTA has you covered. And we offer clients a single point of contact to manage the entire team.