Carl Maehl receives the 2018 Integrity and Client Service Award

The Integrity and Client Service (ICS) Award is the highest honor bestowed internally upon a CTA team member. Nicknamed “The Geno” after 53-year-tenured Gene Kolstad, the award is presented each December with a cash prize. Colleagues are nominated from across the firm, and the winner is judged to excel in three categories: honesty, compassion, and responsiveness.

Our 2018 honoree is Carl Maehl, an associate and electrical engineer in Missoula. Carl has been with CTA for nearly 20 years, working in locations that include Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, and Washington.

Clients have the utmost confidence in Carl, knowing his work will be flawless. If an issue does arise, Carl takes immediate corrective action. One client went so far as to say he will not work with anyone other than Carl on large, design-build projects.

Junior members of the electrical engineering group are keen on having Carl serve as a mentor — asking for him specifically. Carl is a leader, taking the time to raise people up and guide teams through difficult projects that result in successful outcomes for project teams and clients.

Read more on the history of the award in this post about 2014 award-winner Carol Mansfield.

What we know about Carl

Carl’s colleagues, as well as his clients, were effusive in their comments about the quality of his work, work ethic, and personality. Here are a few highlights from the many nominations he received:

“The level of quality from CTA’s Electrical Department has always exceeded clients’ expectations, but Carl’s level of quality always seems to rise to an even higher level.”

“I’ve always said it’s impossible to have a perfect set of electrical plans. Carl is the exception to this statement. Carl’s electrical plans are as close to perfect as I’ve seen in the industry.”

“Carl’s high quality work and attention to detail are why many clients come back to CTA over and over again.”

“Working with Carl is like working with someone on the inside with the same kind of ownership and caring that you would expect from an employee team member.” (from a client)

“I have worked with many electrical engineers in other firms on other projects, and few of them compare with Carl in terms of teamwork, coordination, quality and, in general, just being a good partner on a project.”

“He is truly a company‐wide strategic force within CTA.”

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“Carl has built a great rapport with the staff through mentoring and genuinely caring about their personal and professional growth.”

“Whenever I’ve been stumped by an issue, Carl stops whatever he’s working on to help me through the issue and find a solution, and he does this without ever making you feel that your time is any less valuable than his.”

“Carl is often heard saying, ‘and let me tell you why.’ This takes his responses a step beyond what one would normally expect, and overall provides a better understanding.”

“Carl’s dedication to quality is founded in his vast experience and knowledge. He’s able to not only react to changes, but also to anticipate and plan for them.”

“Carl delivers what he promises, no excuses and no extensions.”


In his own words

We asked Carl a few questions about being an ICS recipient, and this is what he had to say:

What does the ICS Award represent to you and your work?

“The award represents CTA’s best qualities — those of the overall firm and the people who work here. For me, it’s about doing your best work and always being transparent, honest, and upfront with clients and co-workers, even when difficult.”

How do you feel about winning the award, and what do you attribute it to?

“I’m surprised to say the least! I’m honored and humbled to even have been nominated considering the super talented and caring people I have the opportunity to work with every day.”

You’re on the selection committee now. What will you be looking for in next year’s winner?

“Someone who goes above and beyond in their professional and personal life, and who is a positive influence to the people around them.”

From CTA President Scott Wilson

“The ICS Award honors the best of us, and Carl Maehl is truly one of these people. Carl has the utmost care for how he impacts others and is an example to all through his kindness, patience, and generosity.

When it comes to the work he does and his client relationships, Carl leads by example. And our clients have noticed as demonstrated by the comments submitted for his nomination.

We’re grateful for Carl — for being an exceptional team member, for his mentorship of others, for his attention to detail, and for being someone we can count on — colleagues and clients alike.”