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New in Our Portfolio: Macmillan Learning Tenant Improvement Project

Recently completed and photographed, Macmillan Learning’s workplace at Quarry Oaks in Austin, Texas, leveraged creative solutions to realize highly flexible training and gathering spaces. Designed to be functional, comfortable, and welcoming for a team dedicated to creating digital learning tools, the modern space highlights natural materials and a collegiate ethos. A variety of areas support different types of work, including collaboration, focus, and celebration, to reinforce the synergy of Macmillan’s diverse talent.

Welcome to Keith Walzak, Director of Planning and Landscape Architecture

Keith Walzak joins our Cushing Terrell team with a focus on expanding our urban development portfolio in the western United States. He brings 35 years of experience working in the public and private sectors, leading efforts to build thriving communities through healthy, resilient placemaking design.

“I’m eager to leverage Cushing Terrell’s multidisciplinary structure and sustainability expertise,” said Walzak. “I see great potential for this team to support small and mid-sized regional towns as they plan and adapt to the post-pandemic world. Affordable housing is a core need, and Cushing Terrell is perfectly suited to help communities address this challenging planning concern.”

Microgrids: A Solution for Modern-day Energy Challenges

Interest in microgrids has been growing as the country (and the world) confronts more frequent, extreme weather events and an increased urgency to consider alternative energy sources in the face of climate change. Microgrids aren’t a new concept, but they’re fast gaining traction for a variety of organizations as a way to address modern-day energy challenges.

Nathan Bronec with our Infrastructure team looks at various types of microgrids, their benefits and applications for different environments, and how to harness microgrids to capitalize on emerging technologies and meet carbon regulations.

[Infographic] The Grocery Store Experience: How to Design Safe, Adaptable Shopping Environments

As we continue to settle into the economic and psychological realities of COVID-19, businesses are evaluating what response tactics worked well in 2020 and where there’s room for improvement to ensure resilience going forward. For businesses deemed essential, such as grocery stores, the learning curve has been short and steep — adapting hasn’t been about “if,” but “how” and “how fast.”

Read about our recent research partnership with client, Town & Country Markets, and the insights gained around taking steps toward success in 2021.

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