Think, Think, Think……….

By: CTA Staff
12 November 2010

I had a thought…I know, caught me by surprise too.

Have you ever given any thought to the way you think?

As a favorite character of mine once said while trying to get honey from bees “I’m thinking in the most thoughtful way I can think of”.  It would almost be a super power if you knew exactly how to come up with the most creative ideas your brain could muster …….or would it, can anyone do it?

Knowing the mental environment where your brain feels most comfortable (and it is often where you are most physically comfortable) is a place you should be familiar with.  A place where you should do your most critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, dreaming, visioning and relaxing. Now here is the real kicker, what if that place was where you worked. Just think how rich you could make your company! (Yeh, that ones for the boss reading this) Think of the influence you could have over projects. Think of the clients that would flock to your business for innovative solutions. Think of the many problems you would solve. Think of the lives you would change. Think of the dreams you would make a reality. Think of the amazing things you would create.

Once you find your “Think Zone”, I think you will find it addictive. So, what are you waiting for find it!

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