Think Outside The Box

By: CTA Staff
8 November 2010

Approaching design the exact same way every time can hamper the ability to break out of one’s comfort zone and discover truly innovative ideas. We have found that approaching the design process from different angles often produces surprisingly unexpected results.  I find this analogous to going to the same vibrant city over and over and following the exact same path every time. Yes, you would see familiar sites you enjoy but, might not discover new ones.

Recently in the Bozeman office we held a design charrette for a new project and invited the entire office. Everyone was briefed on the project a few days before and asked to come with ideas. Not only were all the ideas valuable and interesting but, the way in which they were presented elicited different types of responses. One of your designers presented his ideas by asking everyone to put their head in a box in order to get their head out of the box. The ridiculousness of seeing someone standing with their head in a box really broke the creative ice, after which the ideas begin to flow in new ways.

In short, what you present, is as important as how you present.

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