By: CTA Staff
21 December 2010

We would like to think that our success this year is due to our unique ability to grow some sweet face fur.  OK and its winter time…and its Montana…and we just think we look cool!

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  • Don Bergeron 9 years ago

    You look like a bunch of rejects from an outlaw motorcycle gang.

  • johnm 9 years ago

    How did you know! We all asked Santa for leather jackets with CTA Bozeman rockers bars. We’ll look tough on our mountain bikes!

  • Anya 9 years ago

    Now that’s a sweet blog post! Ben – most impressive. Get that guysome wax for Christmas 😉

  • Danielle Hurd 9 years ago

    This phenomenon is not unique to Montana — we’ve got some serious face fur happening in the Boise office this year, too!

  • johnm 9 years ago

    Bring on the “Face Fur” competition. We will vote for the best beard in all of CTA. No photoshoping ZZ Top beards.

  • NealZ 9 years ago

    I would suggest we have to start the competition with a clean face start date(perhaps January 1st). You must submit a clean face pic to enter. Everyone gets one month to grow the best beard/ mustache. I would also suggest that we go for a mustache competition -vs- a beard competition, there are more creative oportunities for this!

    Oh and by the way… BRING IT!