CTA’s SITE service sector is made up of landscape architects, planners, civil engineers, and surveyors. We fully integrate these services to comprehensively meet the needs of our clients and partners.


As an integrated part of CTA’s Site team, our professional landscape architects focus on quality site design for parks, scenic byways, residential sites, corporate clients, and large land developments. We work alongside clients, architects, and engineers to shape a design, from planning through construction, to ensure end-products accurately reflects projects’ initial vision.
CTA’s landscape architects work with our community planners and civil engineers as an integral part of our project team, which allows us to seamlessly take a project from the conceptual plan to full construction documents.


CTA’s planning team specializes in current and long-range community development planning. We believe plans should reflect values related to a community’s history and strongly articulated vision for change. CTA provides intelligent recommendations and concise language in the development of planning documents supported by visual and graphic clarity.
We also strive to stay connected to our clients through the often challenging implementation process. CTA’s planning team prides itself on doing the right thing over the easy thing through our expertise and knowledge gained working in multiple jurisdictions on a diversity of planning issues.


Much like the extensive engineering and structural expertise behind buildings, we understand due diligence is necessary before any dirt is moved. This ensures we have the capacity and experience to undertake comprehensive market-driven analyses, plus demographic and feasibility studies for retail, office, industrial, and hospitality projects within mixed-use, transit-oriented, downtown, suburban, and resort environments.
Both identifying and understanding target markets and end-users is an essential step for which CTA utilizes detailed demographics and consumer surveys as critical empirical fundamentals for determining the optimal positioning, programmatic mix, layout, and overall planning for a project — regardless of whether it is a single tenant or a comprehensive master plan.


CTA’s civil engineering teams excel in the ability to work side-by-side with planners, architects, and other engineers to deliver a finished product meeting or exceeding client expectations. With diverse backgrounds, we guide CTA’s clients through complicated issues with diligent research and analysis, meetings, workshops and design sessions, regulatory permitting, and implementation.
Through this process, our team confidently leads projects from the creative design and problem-solving stage into the built environment. Our skill and expertise allows us to coordinate a variety of projects ranging from small site plans to large regional land developments.


Well-versed in all manner of surveys, including topographic, boundary, and cadastral, the survey team offers full-service, field-to-finish survey products. We produce subdivision plats, ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, utility surveys, and as-builts. Legal descriptions, easements, and other title documents can be crafted or researched by our staff.
State-of-the-art, survey-grade global positioning systems and robotic total stations allow flexibility and precision in the field. Auto-Desk Civil 3D and Trimble Business Center software provide post-processing of field data into complete and accurate survey documents for design or boundary work.