Santa and Elves Visit Newman Elementary

By: CTA Staff
21 December 2010

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Santa and his elves visited Newman Elementary School on Monday (20th) and distributed gifts to all 264 students and 43 staff members. This is the fifth year CTA has had a Santa day at Newman. The elves are led by Head Elf Kristin Machacek, Katarie Crozier, Shannon Peterson, & Chelsea Metoyer, Robert Metoyer played the role of Santa this year. There were lots of smiles, cheers, singing and even a jumping contest or two.

After visiting Newman, Santa set up shop in the Billings CTA office lobby. Where children of ALL ages came and sat on Santa’s lap, some preferred to have their pictures taken with the elves but we won’t name names will we Mr. Jones!

Later that afternoon Santa & the elves visited the Woman’s and Family Shelter where they left a bag full of toys for all those good little girls and boys.

A letter to Santa from the 1st grade class.

“Dear Santa, where do you live and do you live at the North Pole? Are you bringing Fixin and Blixin and Rudolph? What do elves look like, because I don’t know what they look like? I like Christmas a lot. I love you and Christmas and you love me. Do you have Christmas at your house? I would scream if I saw you. Merry Christmas Santa.”

Merry Christmas to all and a safe and happy New Year!

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