University of Montana — Washington-Grizzly Champions Athletic Center

CTA provided full design services for the new University of Montana Washington-Grizzly Champions Athletic Center, which is a synthesis of education- and athletics-related activity groups. Spanning over 51,000 sq. ft., the center houses new locker rooms for the football team, team meeting spaces, and a strength and conditioning center for use by all UM student-athletes. The building’s primary space is the weight room, which serves as a dynamic space for athletes, entryway to campus, and framed entrance to the adjacent stadium. CTA’s team designed a 24-sided building (in roughly the same shape as the state of Idaho), fitting it into a tight space that transitions down a hill featuring 27 foundation steps and ties into 12 different existing floor levels. Our services included architecture, fire protection, and plumbing; and mechanical, electrical, and energy engineering. The complex was completed in time for use during the 2017 football season and is seeking LEED Silver certification.