Stardancer House – Jackson, WY

This residence in Jackson, WY, is an example of a project that grew from the client/architect team listening to and allowing their project to be shaped by a spectacular and unique site. The site is a natural amphitheater that affords panoramic views of the Teton Range from the top of a prominent butte on the outskirts of Jackson. These properties are manifest in the series of arch roofed forms opening to the Tetons and dug into the hillside in a curvilinear composition. The typical uphill drive and entry, complete with retaining walls and an obvious scar, was eschewed in favor of a minimized drive and a fire tower-inspired pod to handle a lower level entry, stairs and a lift. All of the public spaces and the master suite enjoy the premier views offered on the upper level while the guest suites and game rooms are nestled into the stone base. While the forms may be seen as contemporary, the project’s palette is decidedly warm and inviting — a reflection of the family’s personality.