Scentsy Inc. — Office Tower

The design of Scentsy’s six-story office tower can be broken down into three main components: a central glass cube, stone panels, and a butterfly roof. (The clock tower, shown in several included images, is a breakdown of these simplest forms.) The 170,500 sq. ft. office tower was designed to set the architectural vocabulary for the rest of the 70-acre campus. Emerging from the park-like landscape, the tower’s façade transitions from stone that is 100% rough at the bottom — similar to nearby landscape rocks and retaining walls — to 100% smooth at the top. The dramatic butterfly roof was carried over to other buildings on the campus to create a sense of unity throughout. In addition to six roof gardens and efficient systems, which helped earned the tower four Green Globes, the building incorporates incredible features such as an open-to-the-public café and custom-designed-and-constructed central spiral staircase.