Flagship Food Group

From the Idaho Statesman:

“Flagship Food Group doesn’t even occupy both stories of the building on North Hickory Lane in Meridian, ID, that houses its North America headquarters. The office looks new and modern, but with only 35 employees, the space belies Flagship’s sprawling manufacturing and distribution networks. That network cranks out and ships more than 350 food products — from salsas to sausage — to more than 30,000 grocery stores. At one time or another, its products probably have wound up in your pantry or freezer.”

When Flagship (formerly Treasure Valley) Food Group needed tenant improvements for those headquarters, they teamed with CTA architectural, engineering, and interior designers to create a hip, contemporary office space that exuded warmth. Spanning 12,682 sq. ft. and featuring an eye-catching reception wall, break room with ping pong table, bright and airy conference room, walk-in freezers, and an elaborate, residential-style test kitchen, Flagship now has a home where team members on this understated food giant can thrive and grow.