Dell — Silicon Valley Research and Development Center

The Dell Silicon Valley Research and Development Center is Dell’s splash into the Bay Area. Traditionally a computer hardware company with a commodity approach to their products, Dell strategically acquired innovative start-up software companies in Silicon Valley to expand the reach of their solutions for customers. The Research and Development Center consolidates three different acquisitions of these software engineering companies into an existing three-story, 84,000 square foot building in Santa Clara, CA.

It was important Dell’s introduction to Silicon Valley leave an impression of a global company that is sound and established, yet innovative, sophisticated, and professional — with contemporary aesthetics — so Dell can compete for top talent. Each of the three acquisition groups occupies one floor of the building. This natural separation helps to maintain the group’s identity and autonomy as their unique cultures are assimilated into Dell’s. Each floor accommodates approximately 80 personal work stations, a data center and lab work area tailored to the group’s needs, conference spaces, and office support spaces. The building lobby serves as reception and security functions for all floors. Each floor has a central space for gaming, snacking, collaboration, and “all hands” meetings.