CTA Architects Engineers — Boise, ID

From GrowIdeasHere.com:

With live plants, 360-degree views and 100 percent employee input, CTA’s space on the eighth floor of the Eighth & Main building [in downtown Boise, ID] has something for every style to envy. When the company made the move to its current space, committees were formed to design the office by incorporating input from all employees and highlight their areas of expertise.

Desk space runs along the perimeter of the office, enclosing meeting and group workspaces. Workstations boast an impressive view of downtown Boise or the foothills. Power and datacables run through tasteful vertical cable trays, showcasing CTA’s design and engineering expertise. Six breakout rooms can be reserved on an iPad mounted by the door for group meetings or private workspace. Similar open collaborative spaces are located throughout the office space with moveable whiteboards, tables and chairs. Nearly every piece of furniture is mobile and adjustable, keeping employees active and flexible throughout the workday.

The café is located in the southeast corner of the office, overlooking Boise’s downtown Grove Plaza. Bright red cabinets and tasteful lighting create an inviting atmosphere to socialize over a meal. An adjacent room is equipped for small meetings and overflow space — and even the occasional ping-pong match. Members of the community often use this space for meetings and events.