C3 Presents/Front Gate Tickets

C3 Presents is a multi-division producer of festivals, concerts, events, casino booking, artist management, and experiential marketing. Their goal is to create unique, engaged, entertainment experiences for their global audiences. These experiences translate to their office environment through distinctive individualism balancing work and play.

In their new space, C3’s team desired raw materials and neutral palette finishes, which they wanted to augment with fun and colorful elements such as graffiti walls, signed guitars/t-shirts/memorabilia, and past concert and festival posters. Infusing a concert feel with their work culture, a large, centrally-located stadium stair connects the two floors and offers a gathering space for company-wide entertainment.

Although Front Gate Tickets is a subsidiary of C3, the office was designed almost as a separate entity. Their team desired modern sophistication and a bright color palette. They also wanted an open office plan placing the majority of their team in central groupings, with senior offices lining the exterior windows.

A point of interest within the space is a scooter racetrack utilizing three separate colors, which also delineates space in the open office. Unifying the team and culture is a large graffiti wall depicting the outstretched fingers of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, but with an Austin concert-inspired twist. The mural (shown in the gallery above) was created by a local graffiti artist — who managed it without any sketching or prepping of the wall before taking to his canvas.