Accruent is a young, rapidly-growing tech company providing software solutions for facility management, lease administration, project management, and space management. CTA worked closely with Accruent’s employee feedback committee to design their new offices in a second generation semi-office and industrial space originally built for IBM. Located in a new mixed-use development in Austin, TX, called “The Domain,” the office building is nearly a quarter mile from end to end. Accruent’s desire to create an open office layout, with lots of closed and open meeting, collaboration, and touch down areas, was addressed.

A minimal budget made the project challenging, but the team was able to use the scale of the project to its advantage and maximize materials. The space was divided into four “time zones” (Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern), each with unique color combinations, to help with wayfinding. One main carpet was used throughout each zone, with pops of color helping identify the time zones and meeting areas.

“One of the things I really enjoyed about working with CTA is from the very first time we met together, their question was, ‘OK, tell us about your culture.’ I really enjoyed the fact that we were partnering a lot together. There was so much collaboration,” Vina Ortiz, Accruent Talent Strategy Manager, said.

Of the completed facility: “Feedback from employees has been … overwhelmingly positive,” she said.


CTA interview with Accruent’s Vina Ortiz
Accruent-produced overview and tour