Intern Intel: The First Charrette

By: Ari Borzea
19 July 2018

It’s been a few weeks now and I am having so much fun here at CTA, I even got to lead a design charrette for the first time. To prepare, I researched the space I am redesigning and put together a presentation on the problems that the space has. I drew diagrams of the space and illustrated the general flow, as well as all the noise and clutter. During the design charrette, there were about ten architects all in one room that I presented to and they took time to sketch and share their ideas with me. It was eye opening and helped me see how to approach design problems in a creative way. It was interesting to see what different ideas people had as well as some of the overlapping ideas or common themes. Afterwards, I organized all their ideas and input and decided what would be feasible for me to tackle. I built a digital version of the space I am redesigning and am currently sketching out many solutions based off the ideas that came out of the design charrette.

This opportunity to have access to such great minds and resources is something I will not take for granted. There is always someone in the office that I can ask questions and get help from. Being in the office is cool and all but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up. Soon I will be headed on a site visit to a CTA project just down the street from their office which I am very excited about. I’m trying to get the full experience while I’m here. I’m eager to learn what being an architect is really like before going to school for it. Hopefully, it will help me not get so bogged down in tedious classwork and lose sight of where I am trying to get to.

This post is part of a series about Ari’s summer internship at CTA. Find more installments here.

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