Illumination is the name of the game

By: CTA Staff
13 December 2010

Photo: Edge lit stairs

The past few weeks I have spent a lot of time reviewing options for aisle lighting for the Metra Park Arena rebuild in Billings. It sounds like an easy enough task until you start to really evaluate the what the constructability of adding light to existing concrete steps and yes, some movable ones too.

I thought I would share some of the options that have been reviewed.

  1. Non power photoluminescent tape, seems to work well enough but you can’t turn it off.
  2. Power electroluminescent tape, works okay, you can dim it down and turn it off, but now we have to run power to all the drivers and get power to each step in existing concrete.
  3. LED  track heads, mounted at structure – dimmable, long life on the fixture, but pricey and doesn’t work on the lower seats, just too far for this source.
  4. Theatrical projector fixtures mounted to the catwalks; works well, dimmable, powerful, high wattage lamp and short lamp life. The maintenance people are not going to like this one.
  5. Open to suggestions….

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