Hello World

By: CTA Staff
24 November 2010

CTA has been looking for opportunities to improve our interoffice communication and online presence.  CTA TALK is a blog site designed to host content developed by CTA staff with the purpose of putting our ideas and events relating to CTA and our professions directly into the fabric of the internet in a timely and searchable fashion.  We do cool stuff, let’s share it!

Every workday, new ideas, events, or experiences will be posted to the site authored by someone from one of our various offices and disciplines.  The site functions as a communication tool internally as well as a marketing and recruitment tool externally.  CTA TALK is meant to be the voice of everyone that makes CTA what it is.  Currently 25 people have volunteered to post, as we become more comfortable with the software and its management we will open up posting to other professional staff across the firm to share their thoughts and ideas.

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