Former CTA President Wilbur “Benny” Bennington inducted into Montana Professional Engineers Hall of Fame

By: CTA Staff
8 November 2010

Former CTA President, Wilbur “Benny” J. Bennington, Structural Engineer and past Principal at CTA was inducted into the Montana Professional Engineers Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Nov. 3rd.    Mr. Bennington not only left a legacy at CTA but also in the Industry.

Benny was an instrumental component of CTA’s success, as well as the many projects he was  involved in.   He achieved technical excellence during his work as a Structural Engineer.   He was considered a technical leader in several areas including: Double Wythe reinforced brick, masonry mid-rise design, seismic design leadership (including advisory assistance to State Boards), driven and injected piling foundation systems, structural steel design, and expertise in structural concrete systems.

Benny began his career after graduating from MSU Bozeman. He started his education in Architecture, but his direction changed during his time at MSU.

It became apparent that I was more oriented to structural engineering than architectural design so my interests flowed into the structural option” Benny once wrote.   In 1950 he graduated with a BA in Architectural Engineering.

Upon graduation he started at CTA (then Cushing and Terrell Associates) as a Structural Engineer.   After just four years he became the Principal in charge of our Structural Engineering group, and by 1965 he was the Principal in charge of all engineering divisions at CTA.   During this time he served as a consultant to the Montana Board of Architects for seismic design considerations.

He was appointed as the Managing Partner in charge of operations in 1973.   Shortly after, he became the Chairman and Executive Director.   By this time CTA had grown to have more than 60 professionals.   In 1980, after four years serving as Chairman, he retired.   He currently lives in Billings, MT with his wife.

Colleagues remember the organization and neatness of his office and his calculations.   Quality, excellence, and completeness of structural calculations define his technical legacy.   Management at CTA felt he was a fair, logical, and forward looking leader.   Many will be forever indebted to his contributions as an Engineer and Professional Leader.

Congratulations Benny, from all of us at CTA, on your induction into the Montana Professional Engineers Hall of Fame!! You are a well deserving recipient!!

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