Five reasons intelligent building automation systems will thrive

By: CTA Staff
11 July 2017

Smart buildings deliver:

1. Integrated lighting
2. Improved comfort
3. Greater security
4. Better sanitation
5. All at affordable rates

One of the key challenges in smarter buildings is saving energy and this is where intelligent building automation systems (IBAS) come into focus. IBAS builds synergy between multiple systems, relying on a form of “intelligence” to simplify operations and provide a flexible, relatable, comfortable, and secure building environment for operators and occupants.

The technology uses the Internet of Things (IoT) as a key driver in providing a smart, secure, and energy-efficient environment — without compromising a building’s safety, or the comfort of its occupants. With automation a key component in IBAS, one can also achieve significant reduction in operational costs, enhanced service speed and efficiency, and greater energy savings resulting in a more environmentally-friendly operation.

To fully realize this type of system requires all building disciplines working closely together, and the support of a solid network infrastructure. CTA’s Building Technology Design Group creates opportunity like this everyday. For more information, contact Joe Kish ( or Kris Good (

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