At CTA we are dedicated to creating collaborative 21st century learning environments that transform students’ lives. CTA’s education design philosophy has found success by calling upon the uniqueness of the school’s community and needs to shape their facilities. This includes everything from curriculum and pedagogy, natural resources, environment, grade grouping, and existing structures and infrastructure.

For over 80 years, it has been our mission to provide educational and high performance design expertise. We are dedicated to creating healthy, bright spaces with connections to the outdoors, and providing students the opportunity to interact and collaborate. Together, we pioneer learning environments that inspire creativity and foster lifelong learning.

Inspired by creativity.
Moved by learning.
Guided by community.

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We Know Education

As education design specialists, we push the boundaries of educational facilities to match the unique and evolving needs of the 21st century learner. We understand the powerful impact of flexible, adaptable, and collaborative spaces in allowing our students the freedom to explore and our teachers the tools to guide.

Today’s schools are innovative, future-oriented, and student-focused. Each facility has unique processes, funding, resources, and agility. From the implementation of Core Knowledge to emphasizing STE(A)M concepts, the buildings we design enhance creative learning and encourage students in their first adventurous steps.



The CTA team carries extensive pre-K-12 school design credentials. Our education specialists understand how to design for students, address their unique learning style needs, and enable teachers, staff, and students with supportive, collaborative, flexible spaces in which highly customizable and real-world learning can occur.



Colleges and trade schools serve the needs of increasingly diverse populations, ranging from academic transfer, basic skills, professional and technical education, workforce training, and lifelong learning programs. We understand how to address student and instructor needs to custom-tailor educational environments.



Our educational specialists’ highest priorities lie in planning, programming, and design, within the framework of 21st century learning. Our team works with our clients to develop a master plan that perfectly guides their vision for their school’s future, contributing our best ideas, honest analyses, and recommendations.

Interview & Tour: St. Ignatius Catholic School
Construction Tour: Stricker Elementary School
Collaboration with Anser Charter School
Interview & Tour: Daydreams Schoolhouse at Tippet Rise Art Center

CTA’s commitment to education goes beyond our studios. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the education of our communities and to constantly challenge ourselves to be better designers and community members.


Our Services

Education facilities are necessarily complex. CTA’s cross-market expertise allows us to borrow concepts from state-of-the-art hospitals, tech-heavy government agencies, collaborative corporate offices, and more. Additionally, with over 20 in-house, integrated disciplines, we design with the comprehensive whole in mind.

Committed to Sustainability

Education is future-focused, and so are we. Our position as an integrated, full-service firm uniquely equips us to design cost-effective and sustainability facilities. Our team is an active national member of the U.S. Green Building Council, participates in local USGBC chapters in multiple states, and is a proud signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment to achieve carbon-neutral buildings by the year 2030. These are a few of the entities we liaise with to create sustainable designs:

Who’s Involved

When we embark on a new design/planning project, we invite every voice to the conversation. We design by listening, identifying needs, and collaborating with students, administrators, and designers from every discipline.

Where to Find Us

With 14 U.S. offices and employees based throughout the country, we work in all regions, and we travel well. Contact us to learn more about our services.

How We Work

CTA’s work does not promote a particular architectural style or engineering system; rather, we strive to give our designs purpose and meaning that are original and compliment their place. We believe in simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty, but with details that balance complexity and simplicity.

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