Doing the Right Thing

By: CTA Staff
17 December 2010

CTA’s First Annual Integrity & Client Service Awards

Butch_Geno1What is the right thing to do? What is best for our client? Answering these two questions with honesty and integrity are the bedrock of Gene Kolstad’s career. Gene explained his perspective: the techniques, strategies, and technologies of our industry may change dramatically, but it’s the core values of CTA that are the foundation of our success. Doing business by the Golden Rule is why CTA is respected and recognized as an example to others in our professions.

With family, friends, clients and colleagues looking on, Gene was presented CTA’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Integrity and Client Service. Geno is an example by doing in demonstrating uncompromising honesty with selfless humility and caring for others. As a memento, Geno received a trophy hand-crafted by Butch Bailey, Master Mason.

Geno’s way of going about work and life exemplify doing business by the Golden Rule. CTA’s Integrity & Client Service Award was created to raise awareness of how important our heritage of doing business with honesty, integrity, and compassion has been to the firm’s success and how important it is in our continued success. This Award, nicknamed ‘The Geno’, is intended to be a meaningful award in fostering honesty, integrity, and compassion in current and future CTA colleagues.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWinner of the first annual ‘Geno’ Award celebrating integrity and client service is Gary Morris, Mechanical Engineer, based in Great Falls. Gary was awarded $2,500, a framed letter of acknowledgement, and possession of the traveling ‘Geno’ trophy for the coming year. In nominating Gary, both Zoe Smith and Dave Crevier noted Gary’s strength of technical expertise and his willingness to share his knowledge with clients and fellow CTAers alike. As a trusted adviser, Gary is known for honest reality checks and ingenious ways of solving problems.

Our 2010 Integrity & Client Service Award runner-up is Joe Durocher, Commissioning Agent, based in Great Falls. Joe was awarded a framed letter of acknowledgement. Exemplary service to both internal and external clients highlights Joe’s work.

Twenty-six individuals and a group, our receptionists, were nominated for the 2010 Integrity & Client Service Award. ‘Thank you’ to the nominees for your good work and ‘thank you’ to the nominators for taking the time to acknowledge your colleagues.

Nominee                     Department                                    Office

Annette Rummel       Admin. Support                                       Missoula
Bob La Perle               Architect/PM                                            Billings
Brock Rindahl            Architect/PM                                            Austin
Caleb Nelson              Mechanical Engineering EIT                 Missoula
Casey Huffman          Drafting/IT                                               Great Falls
CTA Receptionists     Admin. Support                                       All Offices
Gary Morris                Mechanical Engineer                              Great Falls
Gene Kolstad              Architect/ PM                                           Billings
James Armer              Mechanical Engineer/Refrigeration    Boise
Jason Yates                 Architecture AIT                                      Boise
Jeff King                      Architecture/PM                                      Boise
Jim Seder                    Architecture/Drafting                             Great Falls
Joe Durocher             Commissioning                                         Great Falls
Jorge Eguiarte           Architecture AIT                                       Denver
Joel Anderson           Architecture/Design                                 Billings
Jule Stuver                 Architecture/Drafting                              Great Falls
Karen Kelly                Architect/PM                                             Billings
Kristine Keller           Architect/PM                                             Billings
Mitch Clouser            Refrigeration                                              Missoula
Pam Sherrodd           IT                                                                  Billings
Randy Freeck            Architect/PM                                             Billings
Robert Tonks            Architect                                                      Billings
Ron Van Vliet            Commissioning                                         Kalispell
Shawn Gregory         Mechanical Engineering EIT                  Billings
Teresa Daniel            Admin. Support                                         Billings
Will Smith                  Mechanical Design                                   Helena
Zoe Smith                  Mechanical Engineer                                Helena


Thank you Gene for your legacy of leading with humility and selfless care taking of others. You will inspire the CTA Family for generations.

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