CTA’s Building Science team — a cross-functional team of architects, engineers, and roofing technicians — has, for the past 40 years, honed the craft of investigating and solving building enclosure failures. The goal: protecting your investment.

Our passion is in discovering the problem and developing the proper solution.
  • Facility Assessment
  • Forensic Examination
  • Roofing and Building Enclosure Design
  • Deferred Maintenance Planning


Our expertise equips us to provide a clear understanding of the condition of your building so you can make informed decisions and reliable financial forecasts.
Financial forecasting can be exceptionally useful for:
  • Budgeting for deferred maintenance.
  • Prioritizing short-term and long-term capital improvements.
  • Identifying code and life safety deficiencies.
  • Making informed decisions.


Building enclosures are comprised of multiple components and it is important to understand how moisture and air move through them. Any component can be compromised, adversely impacting building performance.
We are ready to:
  • Investigate and assess moisture and air infiltration issues.
  • Design reliable roofing and building enclosure assemblies.
  • Assess your facility, prioritize deficiencies, and provide a plan for repair.