Boise team inspired by student empowerment efforts of One Stone

By: CTA Staff
2 April 2018

It was nothing short of a treat for CTA Boise team members to enjoy and contribute to another year of the One Event, a fundraiser organized by student leaders of One Stone, a multi-faceted Idaho nonprofit that inspires leadership and empowers students to make a difference. The annual event—One Stone’s biggest fundraiser of the year—provides students with an opportunity to coordinate a large-scale event, speak publicly and from the heart, and, most importantly, raise the funds that allow the school to remain completely tuition-free.

CTA’s relationship with One Stone informally began a number of years ago, when CTA team member Josh Shiverick started volunteering his time as a coach for their Project Good program, which empowers community members to coach One Stone students in creating a positive impact in their shared community. Josh was so inspired by his Project Good experience, through which he and One Stone students supported the Girl Scouts organization, that fellow CTA team member Amy Lindgren also became involved as a coach for Project Good.

Recently, CTA has worked with One Stone to develop a summer internship for a student interested in architecture. Shiverick, on top of his personal work with the organization, is developing the curriculum. So far, it will include an introduction to design documents and the chance to lead charrettes, and will culminate with designing either an ideal class space, or redesigning an existing space at the One Stone school that isn’t being used to its fullest potential. One Stone student Ariana Borzea, who submitted a resume, wrote a cover letter, and interviewed at the CTA Boise office, will begin the internship in June.

CTA is proud to have a strong relationship with an organization that is so invested in its community and future leaders, and can’t wait to see what our shared future holds.


“The time I get to share, learn, and innovate with One Stone students has become a genuine inspiration to me. I am really looking forward to seeing these future leaders grow.”


“One Stone’s innovative way of providing applicable and relevant education perfectly pairs with CTA’s vision of Pioneering Environments, and they work collaboratively and use a design-based pedagogy, just like CTA. The future of quality education lies with real life, project-based learning coupled with business and community partnerships. It’s a natural fit to support One Stone with our financial gifts, time, and mentoring opportunities.”

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