Holiday Break

23 December 2010

CTA TALK will be on Holiday Break through the rest of the year, and will resume postings on January 3rd. Cheers!

Architect Younglings

22 December 2010

Umm, Yes. Like building with candy we do. Last week CTA Bozeman hosted a Winter Wonderland Workshop at Hyalite Elementary School and the Christmas spirit…

Santa and Elves Visit Newman Elementary

21 December 2010

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Santa and his elves visited Newman Elementary School on Monday (20th) and distributed gifts to all 264…


We would like to think that our success this year is due to our unique ability to grow some sweet face fur.  OK and its…

Doing the Right Thing

17 December 2010

CTA’s First Annual Integrity & Client Service Awards What is the right thing to do? What is best for our client? Answering these two questions…

We’ll Work For Food

15 December 2010

CTA Design will work for Food! Suri Lunde has been working with the great folks at Das Kuchenhaus Bakery to develop and grow their brand…

Illumination is the name of the game

13 December 2010

Photo: Edge lit stairs The past few weeks I have spent a lot of time reviewing options for aisle lighting for the Metra Park Arena…

A honor well deserved.

10 December 2010

Congratulations Shannon. CTA’s newest Architect! There was only room for Shepard, Beal and Wilson to congratulate her Tuesday afternoon.

Worksite Health Promotion Award

09 December 2010

The Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition hopes to recognize current Excellence in Worksite Health Promotion award winners for outstanding achievement in worksite Wellness. CTA is…

FREE: Wrapping Paper

08 December 2010

So, I look around my desk and see many an item: photos of my family, Post Its, various administrative paraphanalia, etc. I also see a…

12 Bottles of Christmas Cheer!

30 November 2010

The Billings office is in the beginning stages of fundraising for the 2011 American Cancer Center Relay for Life. Currently we’re offering raffle tickets to…

Hello World

24 November 2010

CTA has been looking for opportunities to improve our interoffice communication and online presence.  CTA TALK is a blog site designed to host content developed…

Think, Think, Think……….

12 November 2010

I had a thought…I know, caught me by surprise too. Have you ever given any thought to the way you think? As a favorite character…

Worland,WY to get a new Aquatic Center.

08 November 2010

Worland passed the Bond and CapTax to get a new aquatic center.  CTA did the preliminary concept design together with our consultant, Aquatic Design Group. …

Think Outside The Box

Approaching design the exact same way every time can hamper the ability to break out of one’s comfort zone and discover truly innovative ideas. We…

“Yes but” vs. “Yes and”

05 November 2010

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Brendan Boyle, Chief Creative officer for IDEO. His lecture was titled “Brilliance meets Ridiculous –…