Architecture at Zero

By: Ross Hamand
22 November 2013

On October 1, we successfully submitted our project to the Architecture at Zero competition, a 150 residential unit plus grocery required to reach net zero energy. The final result was a design board conveying the big ideas combined with a 40 page PDF document outlining the renewable energy strategies and calculations. In the end, the building did achieve net zero. It really was an incredible collaboration across all disciplines and truly highlighted the strengths of CTA as a comprehensive design and engineering firm.

Nick Bowers, our design lead, was actually able to attend the gala in San Francisco on November 12th where the winners were announced. There were nearly 50 submissions from 13 different countries. We were, unfortunately, not among the winners but certainly stood out amongst the majority of submissions.

Arch at Zero Board

click on the image for a larger version


The experience, process and work generated from this project were fantastic, and we would like to share some what was learned in completing this very comprehensive undertaking.

Join us for a Design Talk December 12th at noon (invites to follow). We will be outlining our design journey and answering questions you may have about the project.

Core team:  Nick Bowers, Anya Fiechtl, Dayton Rush, Tim Johnson, Richard Dykstra, Ross Hamand and Adam Feldner

Consultants:  Jim Beal, Mike Tuss, Jim Armer, Alan Bronec, Dane Jorgensen, Dawn MacKenzie and Joel Anderson

View Winners Here: