Architect Younglings

By: CTA Staff
22 December 2010

Umm, Yes. Like building with candy we do.

Last week CTA Bozeman hosted a Winter Wonderland Workshop at Hyalite Elementary School and the Christmas spirit was strong with these young kindergarteners. The workshop focused on brainstorming, drawing and building. After coming up with lots ideas and planning it out on a 10” x 10” board the class built their ideas with candy, frosting, playdough, gram crackers and whatever else was in arms reach.  It was amazing to see unhindered imaginations at work. Some of the ideas include:

Snow angel garden,  Candy clouds,  Ice skating pond,  Santa portal (so Santa can come straight to your house),  Snowball guns, Santa sling shot (so Santa can get on the roof),  Home for the bees (cause its cold!),  Snow sculptures,  Candy Christmas lights,  Licorice slide,  Hot chocolate river,  Candy snow,  Gummy bear Santa,  Candy Christmas trees

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