Despite a tight budget, new office for Austin’s Accruent is expansive — and awesome

By: CTA Staff
9 February 2017

Since 1995, Accruent has offered comprehensive facilities and real estate management systems that deliver long-term, best in class, operational and financial performance.

Accruent is a tech company providing software solutions for facility management, lease administration, project management, and space management. They’re a younger, rapidly growing tech firm.

CTA designed their new offices in a second generation semi-office and industrial space originally built for IBM. It is located in a new urban area called “The Domain,” a thriving mixed-use development in Austin, TX. It’s about .25 miles from one end of the building to the other, so team members use a lot of scooters and tricycles (as shown in one segment of their recently-created video, above). They wanted to have an open office layout, with lots of closed and open meeting, collaboration, and touch down areas.

This project was challenging because the budget was minimal. Yet, miraculously, we got them in at $50/sq. ft. for construction. We were able to use the scale of the project to our advantage and maximize materials. We divided the space into four “time zones” (Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern) to help with wayfinding and colors throughout. We used one main carpet throughout, with pops of color to help identify the time zones and meeting areas.

The design and construction timelines were also very quick. We began design documents in February 2016, and construction was completed in December. It was a very fun project, and the client was high-energy and fun to work with. The main team consisted of Juan deLeon, Kyle Johnson, Nena Martin, and Kaare Sola, and we worked with teams from Gill Kent Engineering and American Realty Project Management. Together, we successfully found ways to create a happy and vigorous work environment for Accruent.


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